Top 5 Mods for 7DTD in 2020

7DTD Logo7 Days to Die has one of the best modding communities out of all of the sandbox zombie games. You can change the way zombies act, add more materials, tools and crafting stations or even enhance the way the game looks.

With so many mods to choose from it’s often difficult to figure out which one to try first, however I have created a list of my top 5 mods that I have been using in 2020.

My Top 5 Mods for 7DTD List

1. The Walking Dead Mod

This mod doesn’t add any of The Walking Dead characters or locations to the game but it does copy the behaviour of the TV shows zombies.

7DTD Walking Dead Mod

In The Walking Dead Mod for 7DTD, all of the “special” zombies including the feral, night runners and mutant zombies are removed in this mod and replaced with slow “walkers” which replicate the show’s version of zombies.

Zombies are not only slower but they are now much easier to kill, they can be one shot with a head-shot just like in the TV program. If you’re a fan of the walking dead and you want to tap into your inner Rick Grimes this is the perfect mod for you.

2. Food and Water Indicators

It’s surprising that the developers of this game didn’t think it would be helpful to display your characters’ food, water and temperature meters on the HUD.

I can understand that they may not want to spoil the realism of the game but they could have at least given players the option to turn this on in the settings.

7DTD Additional Indicators Mod Example

Luckily one community modder decided to release this mod in order to fix this problem. This will allow you to add a food, health, water and temperature gauge as well as your current player level to the HUD.

These changes makes it so much easier to keep your character healthy and avoid any future surprises. The stats are well placed, re-ordered and re-sized with the XP bar being more obvious.

3. SMX Mod

If you want to change the HUD to to look more grittier and worn you can with the SMX mod.


Community modder “Sirillion” wanted to create a mod that helps players become more immersed in the world of 7 Days to Die.

The messy and gritty look is applied across all of the games interfaces including the inventory. This mod is purely visual and has no effect on any other part of the game.

4. Farming

If you want to improve the farming on 7 Days To Die you can with the Farming mod. Scavenging for food can be a great way to keep your character alive during the first week, but after the first month it may be time to find a more sustainable source of food.

7DTD Farming Mod

The vanilla game does have some farming mechanics but this mod will allow you to vastly improve upon this.

You can breed and raise livestock including chickens and pigs which you can craft pens and coops for.

You can then butcher your animals and turn them into smoked meats or cook them into one of the many recipes that the mod adds.

The Farming mod also includes a new workstation which is where you will smoke your meat or try other recipes including wine making.

Recipes can also be improved with the addition of herbs and spices that you can grow in your garden. If you want to improve your chances of surviving in 7 days to die, I suggest you download this mod.

5. HD HQ Overhaul

The second cosmetic mod in this list is the “HD HQ Overhaul mod” which improves the sharpness, textures, shadows and lighting of the world terrain.

This mod also makes the weather appear more realistic.


The mod purely focuses on the aesthetic look of the world and greatly improves upon the core game. Trees and bushes have more varied textures and the water looks even more realistic.

The HQ Overhaul mod has always improved night combat by improving the in-game torches and lights making them more realistic. Plus the mod also has a few gun skins including winter and desert camouflage.

This mod greatly improves the games look but is not accessible to all players due to the nature of the mod.

If you have a PC that is unable to run the game at high or max settings you will struggle to see the benefits of the mod. However if you can run the game at full settings you will see all of the biomes in a HD remaster.


This concludes my top 5 mods to check out in 2020. If you want to use mods you will need to set up your own local server or rent a server from a dedicated game server hosting company.

Mods can slow down game worlds that are locally hosted so it’s always best to choose a shared server to get the best gaming experience.