8 Tips For New 7 days To Die Players

7 Days To Die can be a very difficult game for new players to adapt to. I’ve spent countless hours honing my skills and learning crafty tricks to improve my chances of survival.

After putting together my 7DTD server hosting guide on the home page and writing a companion guide to help you with it (which you can read here) I decided to write some of my favourite tips for the game.

My 8 Tips For New 7DTD Players

I’ve compiled all of my 7DTD tips into a handy guide that will turn you from a novice to a master survivalist in just 8 tips. Read on to absorb my knowledge!

1. Start a farm

Hunting animals can be a great way to gather food at the start of the game but it will become a lot harder as the game progresses. Farming is the best way to ensure your survival in the long run and give you a nice backup supply of food if you’re unable to hunt.

7DTD Farm Screenshot

Food can take a long time to grow, which means its best to start a farm as soon as you can. There are loads of different crops including corn, coffee and blueberries. You can also mix and match food to make other items that give you better health benefits.

2. Always stay hydrated

Water consummation plays a huge role in the survival aspect of 7 Days To Die. You can easily find organic sources of water including streams and rivers, however you will need to purify it before you drink it to avoid harming your character.

7DTD Collecting Water

You can purify the water you collect by boiling it on a campfire. It’s a great way to keep you hydrated when your water levels are running low. Some foods also give you a small water boost, mushrooms are a great source for water if you’re running dangerously low.

3. Upgrade, Upgrade, Upgrade

The game will start to get harder after the first 7 days. Which means you should constantly be upgrading your equipment, tools, weapons and base in order to deal with tougher hordes.

Remember to upgrade your base when you gather better resources. Wooden doors and windows can later be replaced by metal ones to keep the zombies out for longer. Use items like the garden spikes to create a fortress wall to add more depth to your defense. If you have the resources available, upgrading will give you the upper-hand.

4. Start the game with a good perk

At the start of the game you will get to choose a perk that will give you a boost depending on the perk you choose. The two best perks at the start are the “Quicker Crafting” perk that makes item crafting a lot quicker and the “Quality Joe” perk that lets you find better weapons, tools and items. This perk is extremely good for the early game is this is where you will be doing most of your scavenging.

5. Look for the right resources

For the first 7 days you will want to focus on collecting food, medicine, iron scraps and any source of water. These are the 4 essential items you will need for the opening gaming. If you knew 7 days to die it may take some time for you to learn about all the different materials and their uses.

7DTD Wiki Screenshot

If you want to know more about the resource or crafting lists then check out the official 7 Days To Die Wiki.

6. Find a bedroll

At the start of the game you will have the chance to grab a bedroll that you can take with you. Not only will the save have to craft or find your own one but it can be used as a re-spawn point once you place it on the ground. Having a well placed spawn point can significantly increase the amount of days you survive.

7. Stay safe

Each time you play the game the map will be different as it is procedurally generated. Finding a great safe house can mean the difference between life and death. So it’s best to know what you should be looking for. Look for a safe-house that has plenty of resources within a 100 metre radius.

7DTD House Screenshot

As the game gets harder it will be more difficult to collect resources, so having them close by can be a life saver.

Creating a base in the nearest town is always a sensible idea at the start of the game but you will have to watch out for zombies lurking in buildings. Make sure you have a weapon to defend yourself when entering buildings.

8. Check the weather

Zombies aren’t the only thing you need to worry about in the game. The environment can also cause you a lot of problems if you’re not paying attention. There are lots of biomes in the game that have different weather conditions that will affect your character.

If you’re too hot you will get thirsty quicker and may die from heat exhaustion.

If you’re too cold you will start to lose health and will need to find warmer clothes or a campfire. All clothing has insulation values. Positive values will warm you up and negative values will help keep you cool. Try experimenting with the values in order to find a combination that suits your surroundings.

If you are struggling with the weather you can use a command to change it manually… although it is a bit of cheat.